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Hotel Technology Trends: Mobile Check-In & Check-Out

In the last years hotels and hospitality management companies worldwide shifted their focus on innovations and started investing in new technologies as solutions to simplify their traditional operations and offer their guests a more exclusive experience. Mobile check-in and check-out are popular and important in the hotel industry because they allow guests to easily handle these processes on their own, giving them more control and making them more likely to return to the same hotel. These systems not only meet the needs of customers who want a more exclusive and personalized service, but they can enhance the brand reputation

What is mobile check-in, exactly? And why should your hotel implement a mobile app? Let’s look at some hotel technology trends and ways that mobile check-in and check-out can affect your business. 

What Is Mobile Check-In & Check-Out and how does it work? 

The idea behind mobile check-in and check-out is pretty simple: instead of using traditional methods, like a computer or paper forms, to check in and out at the front desk, guests can do it all on their mobile phones. This means they can keep their devices with them throughout the duration of their stay, so they don't have to worry about losing their keys or IDs and they can access their room and all building amenities whenever they want, without queuing at the front desk. Plus, a Guest Mobile App allows customers to easily access step by step check-in info and to enter information about themselves into the system before arriving at their destination. The app will then send this information directly back to the hotel's servers so it can be easily registered. 

A Guest Mobile App is also a useful hotel booking technology as it allows customers to complete their reservations online from their phones. They can select their room type, enter personal details and preferences, and even make reservation changes before arriving at the hotel and during their stay. In addition, when guests arrive at the hotel they can automatically unlock and lock their doors, have access to local recommendations and any special requests made before arrival (like extra towels or pillows). Mobile check-in/out and hotel booking apps also make the work of employees easier because it reduces the number of manual tasks required during each shift, allowing staff to focus on other important tasks. 

What are the benefits of hotel Mobile Check-In and Check-out?

Mobile check-in technologies and virtual reception services are increasingly used by hotels and hospitality management companies due to their significant benefits for both guests and hotel staff. Let’s see in detail all the benefits of using mobile check-in and check-out, which would not be possible with traditional check-in services: 

  • better customer experience and satisfaction level: hotel booking technologies can improve customer satisfaction by allowing hotels to engage with guests directly and provide a personalized experience. A guest mobile app and mobile check-in options can increase customer loyalty and set a hotel apart from competitors. These features are becoming more important in the hospitality industry as customers expect a better experience;

  • increased marketing opportunities and revenues: including a mobile check-in service gives you the opportunity to improve your marketing, increase sales and boost revenue. With mobile hotel check-in you can offer your guests more activities, services and upgrades such as luxurious spa treatments, saunas, pools but also guided activities, discounted tours, late check-out, private parking areas and chauffeur services, thus increasing revenue opportunities; 

  • easier and faster check-in operations management: traditional check-in and check-out methods can slow down staff work and cause queues at hotel reception. Hotel mobile check-in saves time and human resources, thanks to self-service technologies and mobile phones that allows customers to carry out all operations autonomously, quickly and easily. In addition, hotel booking apps collect all guest booking, check-in and check-out data and integrate it with the hotel’s Property Management System. This allows you to create more specific schedules and more efficient processes, saving time and reducing workload, allowing employees to focus on more important tasks; 

  • strategic advantage over competitors: the hotel industry is one of the most competitive sectors so it’s important to keep up with the latest innovations and implement digital technologies to stand out from competitors. Both smaller boutique hotels and large hotel chains are implementing high-tech digital solutions and automated booking management processes. Staying behind on these trends can have a negative effect on your business, reviews, bookings and revenue. That’s why you should use a hotel booking app and mobile check-in solutions in your hotel.

JurnyOS Hotel Mobile App features 

With our Guest Mobile App you can stay on top of the latest hotel trends and communicate better and more directly with your guests, offering them all the services they need, simply by using their mobile phone. Our App is specifically built to allow customers  to manage all check-in and check-out operations, to extend their stay when they want, to access their room and all building amenities, but also to control their room temperature autonomously and many other possibilities to make their stay unique and provide them a fully integrated experience.

If you want to learn more about our hotel mobile app features or other JurnyOS, JurnyMOS or MOS Pro hotel management system solutions, contact us or book a demo with one of our experts. We will help you to find the solution that best suits your needs!