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How to Find the Perfect Vacation Rental

Finding the perfect vacation rental property can make the difference, for a unique experience you have to find the vacation home that best suits your needs. The search for the perfect place to spend your holidays can take a lot of time and effort, so we want to give you some suggestions for finding the ideal holiday home.


Pick your location

The location will be the first thing you need to decide. Are you looking for California vacation rentals on the beach? A place you have on your must-see list? Choosing the perfect location for your next vacation will depend on the place you want to visit and your budget.

Set your budget

Choosing to rent a vacation property can be a comfortable experience that will also allow you to save money. You will have different types of properties available and the choice of finding a holiday home for rent will also allow you more independence. The different ownership options allow you to have different properties available with different budgets. Budgeting for the holidays will make it easier for you to identify the range of properties to choose from.

Read the description and reviews

Reading the description of a rental house can be useful to be sure that the interesting services to make the perfect holiday are available. Property pictures will allow you to find the ideal solution and to find yourself in a context that pleases the design and atmosphere. A good description should have both the positive and negative sides of the property so that you won't be surprised during your stay. 

Not all tenants have the same needs, so if an owner is realistic and honest, we will surely have the certainty of greater reliability. With Jurny you will have the certainty that the vacation rental properties all have a high standard of services and a clear and honest experience so as not to have negative surprises during your stay.

Furthermore, the reviews on the Jurny application will allow you to get a better idea of ​​the experience of others. What is better than honest word of mouth from someone who has lived the same experience that you intend to do?

Check the amenities

While you’re looking for the perfect holiday home, you will need to observe whether the essential amenities for you are included in the property. If you do not compromise on the house with a sea view and private beach you will have to look if the house you have found offers this service. If the location you have decided is a busy place, you will need to make sure that there is a private car park. If you have had a bad experience with the timing of check-in and check-out you need to find out how it is done in the house you have selected. 

By booking your holiday home using the Jurny Guest Mobile App, you will have the certainty of services capable of guaranteeing a positive experience: check-in and check-out service; instant connection to wifi; location advice; access keys via the app; direct access to the concierge; room temperature control and much more

Vacation Rental Site: Which one is the best?

By booking with Jurny you will have the certainty that what is shown is reality, a high standard is also guaranteed in the properties available on Jurny.

At Jurny, our mission has always been to create seamless experiences through technology for our guests, partners, and employees. With Jurny you can also book monthly vacation rentals at the best price on the market with properties that guarantee you the best service and experience.

Vacation Rental and Jurny

Now that you have made all the necessary decisions, you can officially book your vacation with the best vacation rental site. Download your Jurny App for iOS or Jurny for Android to find the perfect solution that fits your needs. 

If, on the other hand, you have a house that you would like to rent, discover how to make your vacation rental stand out with the Jurny services.

If you have any questions about the properties, the local area, or anything else, call us and speak to one of our Specialists. Our team of experts is ready to help you plan your best vacation. Booking directly with Jurny is the best way to find the best vacation property for your needs.